Summer is coming to an end, and for some that means allergy season may be coming to a close. In Florida though, where the effects of fall are not quite as prominent it could still be effecting many of us. For others the issue of indoor allergens such as pet dander and dust continue to be a problem. When exposed enough one may get a case of hay fever. Hay Fever is a condition with cold like symptoms, only instead of a virus, hay fever is caused by allergies.

Luckily there are medications for hay fever. Ways to help fight against allergies and stop hay fever before it begins. There are also alternative forms of fighting hay fever that can be used alone, or with the help of medication. One such method is the ancient form of acupuncture.

In a recent study performed last year, 422 people with allergies were tested to see the effects of acupuncture on hay fever. One group was given regular acupuncture treatments, one was given sham treatments, where the needle didn’t break the skin or wasn’t placed in a regular acupuncture location on the body, and the control group, who received no acupuncture treatment. All three groups were given access to emergency medication during the experiment. By the end, it was shown that those who had received a regular acupuncture treatment used their emergency medication less, and showed less symptoms of hay fever than the control and sham groups.

Acupuncture is simply one of the many natural methods to reducing the effects of hayfever and allergies. Other methods such as adding or removing certain foods from your diet, like cutting back on alcohol, can also help with allergies. Allergies will always be there, but with some simple changes, and some exploration into alternative forms of healing such as acupuncture, you can breath a little easier.

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