Massage therapy is an exciting field to get into, one that has helped people recover from all forms of accidents and injuries. It involves massaging and moving limbs, joints, and other body parts, including the back and neck, to aid in regaining movement, or reducing stiffness. Massage therapy can also be used generally to help keep limbs and body parts limber and reduce stiffness. Some sports teams will have a professional massage therapist work for them and keep the team in top shape.

It also has other very useful benefits including preventing physical complications that come with age, such as arthritis. Other symptoms that massage therapy can aid with are cancer related fatigue, chronic low back pain, frequent headaches, and post-operative pain. It is being more commonly recommended by doctors in the medical field to their patients. Combined with normal treatment given by medical doctors, massage therapy can greatly benefit many who have health issues.

How did massage therapy become such a powerful aid in the world of healthcare? It is believed that massage therapy in various forms is the oldest form of healthcare developed. From the ancient egyptians to asian culture, forms of massage therapy have been evident in some shape or form. Even Hippocrates, (who died in the year 370 b.c.) promoted and praised the practice of massage. With thousands of years to grow, with each generation adding it’s own forms and techniques, massage therapy has had plenty of time to expand into a prominent art in the medical field.

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