Read some amazing testimonials from Dr. Beth’s patients….

For over 6 months, I have suffered from Ulnar Nerve issues in both arms causing my fingers to be unusable. I was seen by Chiropractors, Medical Doctors and Nerve Specialist and all suggested a very invasive surgery. After seeing Dr. Beth ONCE, she immediately diagnosed my problem, administered a non-invasive solution and my Ulnar nerve problems were COMPLETELY fixed! I recommend anyone to at least talk with Dr. Beth before considering any invasive procedures.
Michael Speigner
Dear Dr. Stephenson,
Words can not express my gratitude for what you have done to help me with my many physical ailments. I have been in 5 car accidents in the past 15 years. None of them my fault and the latest accident involved me riding my bicycle and being hit by a Hummer. I was in a coma for 4 days, had several surgeries and an eye socket replacement. There are many times that my neck just will not turn. My chiropractors commonly refer to me as “The Corpse” because it is so difficult to make adjustments on me. Your healing hands have given me much great mobility in the neck area.

Being over 50, the hot flashes have been a nightmare. The Acupuncture you have performed on me has not only been painless it has also helped me immensely with my hot flashes. The combination of herbs you gave me also helped and I no longer wake up in the middle of the night from hot flashes.

In this day and age, where doctors are under such pressure to get clients in and out of the office, it is so refreshing to be able to speak with you about my ailments and treatment and not feel like I am just another appointment in a time slot. You are a great teacher that takes the time to explain why and what you are doing to help me and for that I am grateful.

Terry Bridie
My name is Amanda. I have known Dr. Beth for over 6 years now.. Dr. Beth has given me deep tissue massage and it has helped so much with the pain that I have had through the years. I have been in car accidents and she did an awesome job of helping my neck and shoulders feel better… When I was pregnant with my daughter, I had back pain and migraines. Dr. Beth really helped me. Beth has also done acupuncture on me when I have had my migraines and through out my pregnancy.. Anytime that I was in pain, Beth was able to massage the pain away… I would tell anyone that was in a car accident, pregnant, or has migraines that Dr. Beth Can Help You!
I have been a client of Beth’s for 15 years! She helped my Fibromyalgia pain, ovarian cysts, and irregular menses. She is a wonderful healer, massage therapist, acupuncturist, herbalist and person. The heart and soul of a great healer. I would trust her with all my holistic needs! Thanks Dr. Beth! You are the best!
Dr. Susannah O’Brien
Beth has been my massage therapist for almost 20 years and she’s the best. She can get in there as deep as you can take it. And now she has expanded her knowledge to Chinese medicine and acupuncture and has provided my elderly mother and I with so much relief it is amazing. I call her first when we have a problem.
Mary C.