Trends in many shapes and forms have come and gone over the years. Everything from our common communication to how we get around has been altered significantly. We once used letters and postman to deliver messages. Horses took us across the land and ships took us across the ocean. In the modern age though all of these trends have changed drastically. We can send emails instantly around the world. Cars go up and down highways and airplanes fly over the Atlantic every day. Even our medical remedies have altered drastically over the years. Our instruments are more sterile while our cures are more potent. One thing though that has remained largely unchanged is the practice of acupuncture.

Why do trends come and go? Why do things change so drastically over the years? Because they lose popularity or effectiveness. When walking place to place became too time consuming and laborious we took to riding horseback, soon expanding into carriages and wagons. The world progressed faster than the horse could carry it so the automobile took it’s place. Acupuncture on the other hand begun as placing sharp, thin needles into key points on the body. In the modern age acupuncture is at it’s foundation placing sharp, thin needles into key points on the body. Some advances have been made. Things such as electricity has been added in small amounts to add stimulation.

So how long has acupuncture been in use? Dating back to ancient chinese culture, acupuncture has been observed for thousands of years. Though it is uncertain exactly when it was created, records point it could go as far back as 1,600 B.C. Since then very few changes have been made to it. It has been observed, studied, debated, studied more, and debated again. Despite all of the studies for it and against it, one powerful piece of evidence has always stood in it’s favor. After thousands of years it still stands as a recognized and popular alternative medical remedy. From ancient Japan it has spread to Europe, and from Europe it spread into America. Western culture captured the sensation and now acupuncture is a common practice across the country.

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