Limber and Free

There comes a point when Snap, Crackle, and Pop are not just three elves on our morning cereal box, they are the sounds our body makes when we get up out of bed in the morning. It has always been an accepted part of growing old, and with technology pulling us away from physical activity, the sounds are only getting louder. So what can we […]

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Fighting Inflammation with Whole Foods

Chronic inflammation can lead to autoimmune disease. Inflammation
occurs naturally as the body chemically responds to environmental toxins,
processed foods, viral infections, emotional stress, or nutritional deficiency.
Pain in the body is a signal that something is going wrong with the natural
healing mechanisms of the body. Here are some ideas to help you lower
inflammation and decrease pain:

  • Diet: There is a high correlation between processed
    foods and inflammation. Look at […]

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On the Topic of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an exciting field to get into, one that has helped people recover from all forms of accidents and injuries. It involves massaging and moving limbs, joints, and other body parts, including the back and neck, to aid in regaining movement, or reducing stiffness. Massage therapy can also be used generally to help keep limbs and body parts limber and reduce stiffness. Some […]

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Herbal Medicine in Daytona Beach

Scared of needles? Natural Herbs are a great benefit in treating a multitude of symptoms.

For many people, the fear of needles is enough to keep them from seeking acupuncture care for their medical conditions. However, staying healthy does not always mean that you must suffer for the sake of your health. Natural herbal medicine can offer relief from a variety of symptoms through the use […]