Fighting Inflammation with Whole Foods

Chronic inflammation can lead to autoimmune disease. Inflammation
occurs naturally as the body chemically responds to environmental toxins,
processed foods, viral infections, emotional stress, or nutritional deficiency.
Pain in the body is a signal that something is going wrong with the natural
healing mechanisms of the body. Here are some ideas to help you lower
inflammation and decrease pain:

  • Diet: There is a high correlation between processed
    foods and inflammation. Look at […]

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A Cup of Tea a Day

The medical world of today is a combination of the old world and modern research. Scientist are creating new cures and vaccines for more illnesses with each passing day. Even with all these advancements, many ancient methods are still very effective at preventing various diseases and even forms of cancer. One of these methods is the simple act of drinking tea.

Tea has been around for centuries […]

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Herbal Medicine in Daytona Beach

Scared of needles? Natural Herbs are a great benefit in treating a multitude of symptoms.

For many people, the fear of needles is enough to keep them from seeking acupuncture care for their medical conditions. However, staying healthy does not always mean that you must suffer for the sake of your health. Natural herbal medicine can offer relief from a variety of symptoms through the use […]