What is the difference between a wonderful day and a simply terrible one? Could it be nothing more than your state of mind? We are easily influenced by our moods, and sometimes we just not in a good mood. This can lead to our perception of having a bad day. Likewise having a positive outlook can mean having a good day. This observation can be seen in several different scenarios we have all experienced. A song can come on the radio that triggers that sensation to get up and move your body. At the same time a song can come on that triggers a negative memory, and lead us into a bad day.

Sadly bad days will come, but luckily they will also go. Though we can’t really stop them all together, we can make their appearances much less frequent. The best part about this is it’s really kind of easy to do. One major step one can take is to open up the flow of energy in your body. It doesn’t really matter at what angle you look at when it comes to energy and the human body. Scientific, spiritual, or anywhere between, they all have a name and theory on the body’s natural energy flow.

Imagine being at the source of a river, at the very beginning of a grand adventure. Imagine your raft begins the journey down it as you admire the green trees and blue sky. This river is your body’s natural energy. It is peaceful and exciting all at once, until you come across a bridge blocking the natural flow of the river. Now you have to find a way to get your raft around or through this obstacle. Just like the river interrupted, various things can block our energy flow. At times, it can even be our own fault these obstacles are there. Sometimes letting an issue trouble us instead of solving it, or taking on too much responsibility at work. So how do we begin dismantling these obstacles?

One possible solution is the ancient practice of acupuncture. The insertion of sterilized needles in key points of the body to open up the bodies natural healing energies and improve blood flow. With these small improvements, we can better mentally handle various situations, and see things from a new perspective. We tend to feel better and lighter, like stress lifted off our shoulders. All the foundations to turning a bad day into a great one.

There are other ways to improve the flow of energy in our bodies. Doing things such as meditation and small dietary changes such as drinking more tea instead of coffee. If you find yourself having too many bad days, call Dr. Beth Stephenson and see about turning those bad days around with an acupuncture session.