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The Truth About Stress

Stress is a part of our everyday life. We can live as stress free as possible, but we do not have control over our surroundings, only our self. It is not always an overbearing feeling when we feel stress from a situation. Maybe a driver cuts you off, you say something under your breath, shake it off, and drive on. The stress only lasts a […]

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The Proven Effects of Meditation

Close your eyes for just a second. Take a deep breath in, and let it go. Now open your eyes. This is just the beginning phase of meditation, an ancient practice that is performed around the world. Anyone that regularly practices meditation will tell you it has benefits to their lifestyle. It helps them manage their stress, it opens their mind to new ideas, some […]

Herbal Medicine in Daytona Beach

Scared of needles? Natural Herbs are a great benefit in treating a multitude of symptoms.

For many people, the fear of needles is enough to keep them from seeking acupuncture care for their medical conditions. However, staying healthy does not always mean that you must suffer for the sake of your health. Natural herbal medicine can offer relief from a variety of symptoms through the use […]

Acupuncturist in Daytona Beach

Acupuncturist in Daytona Beach, Natural Ways to De-stress

Many people live very busy and stressful lives. Luckily, there is a way to de-stress after a long work week and busy schedule. If you prefer to stay away from medication to help alleviate stress, there are great natural ways you can relieve stress.


Meditation helps you relax and center your thoughts. There have been […]

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Acupuncture and Massage Therapies Can Be Used in Fighting PTSD

Thanks to my friend, Ashley Burns, for her interest in doing a guest blog on PTSD. Ashley is very passionate about alternative therapies that are usually safer and often less costly than traditional treatments for PTSD.

In recent times, the mental health condition post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) has gained increased recognition because of its proliferation in those who have experienced war or physical or sexual […]

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Smiling from the Heart

As an acupuncture physician, I have taken numerous qigong classes involving many different forms. By far, my favorite qigong practice is the Inner Smile. Literally, you can smile from any organ in the body that you intend. I like smiling from the heart, because it feels so good. This smile is the real deal. ¬†Once you have experienced a smile from the heart, no other […]

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