As an acupuncture physician, I have taken numerous qigong classes involving many different forms. By far, my favorite qigong practice is the Inner Smile. Literally, you can smile from any organ in the body that you intend. I like smiling from the heart, because it feels so good. This smile is the real deal.  Once you have experienced a smile from the heart, no other smile will do. And it is so easy and fun to do! Get ready to wipe the artificial, superficial smiles away & replace them with a deep smile from the core of your being:

This technique is designed to put a smile on your face that comes from deep in your heart. From a standing position, take a deep breath into your belly and hold it there for a moment. Smile. This breath is nurturing the organs in your abdominal cavity. Feel your body receive this nourishment. Continue to smile.  As you release your breath, feel the happy energy moving out past your heart and onto your face. If your style of qigong has a specific tongue placement, use it. Otherwise, simply let your tongue rest lightly on the roof of your mouth. Repeat the pattern as often as possible. The smile on your face will be deep and from the heart.

Yes, it really is that simple.